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fre·mo·cen·trist (f'mō-sĕn'trĭst) n. one who deeply believes all in the universe revolves around the Seattle neighborhood of Fremont - fremocentric adj. see Kirby Lindsay
       The Archives: Published September 22, 2010 - The Fremocentrist
FAC Highlight Reel:
ook For A Few Volunteers

by Kirby Lindsay

FAC Look For A Few Volunteers img1The Fremont Arts Council (FAC) Board President, Jerry Smith, began the monthly Committee Of the Whole (COW) meeting on September 14th nearly, sort of, on-time.  Generally some delay is created, to give latecomers a chance to fill out the room, but with nearly a dozen people already in attendance, the meeting started.

Over the last year, this turnout has become a new normal - different from a decade ago when meetings had double the attendance, and could go on for three hours.  In September the meeting even broke up after a single hour, to allow volunteers to get back to building lanterns for Luminata.

Requests for Resources, And Volunteers

The meeting began, as usual, with announcements.  David Roman made a pitch for the Texas Chainsaw Pumpkin Carving spectacle at Fremont Oktoberfest.  Roman will host this annual massacre of the gourds, by chainsaw, on Saturday and Sunday (September 25 & 26) from 1p – 2p in the free, all-ages area of Oktoberfest at Phinney Avenue North & 35th Street.  He will then do another demonstration inside the ticketed beer garden, about half-an-hour later.

As part of the FAC formal business, Roman requested volunteers and use of supplies in the FAC headquarters (the Powerhouse) to construct signs.  Roman has applied, through the Seattle Department of Parks & Recreation Opportunity Fund, to develop a wetlands trail park on a property currently owned by the City and located just south of the Fremont Bridge.  The Opportunity Fund Committee will visit the site soon and Roman wants to have signs that will encourage them to explore the property, and show community support behind the park acquisition.  “We need to show this is a Fremont park,” he explained.  A volunteer did step forward, and others gave him directions as to what supplies could be used for signs.

Michael Falcone also requested resources – specifically photos and stories – on the Fremont Troll.  He is filming a short documentary – 10 – 15 minutes – about the Troll over its 20 year history, and on future plans (such as the Troll’s Knoll Park.)  He plans to conduct interviews in October, and hopefully present the finished film by the end of the year.  He will also gather information at the Troll clean-up in mid-October.  To send him archival photos – or stirring anecdotes – contact him by e-mail.

FAC Look For A Few Volunteers img2

Event Overload, And Workshop Time

Gyan Davies announced her plans for opening the Powerhouse for general open workshop times this fall, probably on Sunday afternoons from 4 – 8p.  She hasn’t finalized her dates yet, but she wants to invite anyone working on a project – or interested in helping on someone else’s project – to join her.  Each workshop will feature a particular project, or theme, although attendees can work on their own.

Peter Toms wrapped the meeting with last minute notes on the 10th Anniversary Luminata procession and performance at Green Lake, on Tuesday, September 21st, the fall equinox.  He did mention that few volunteers have stepped in to help with participation, with the event still a week away. “It’s just been me working here,” Toms reported, although he understands that many people, including himself, have hit “event overload,” with every weekend having 10 – 20 things to do.

Certainly Luminata, and the banquet thrown by the Prince of Summer for the King of Winter, will have a big turnout.  Yet, the numbers at the FAC, working on projects, have thinned – and discussion during the meeting about upcoming elections for the Board (in November) included a report that current membership stands at 75.

Yet, everyone is welcome – paid members and the simply curious.  Check out the next COW meeting, held on October 12th – and every second Tuesday of the month - at the Powerhouse (3940 Fremont Avenue North).  And remember, meetings start at 7:10 sharp!

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