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February 11, 2016

Help Collect Fremont Baptist History For Upcoming Anniversary

Kirby Lindsay Laney

In 2017, the Fremont Baptist Church will celebrate 125 years of ministry in our neighborhood.  In preparation, the Church would appreciate any documents, photos or stories that you could share about the history of the Church here.

Fremont Baptist always appreciates any sharing of memorabilia and mementos from the past of this bedrock institution, but as the leadership gears up for celebrating this auspicious anniversary next year, they ask for help gathering whatever you might have in the attic – or Aunt Sue’s attic – that you’ve been meaning to share…

If you have any written materials or pictures from the early history of Fremont Baptist, please contact the church office at 206/632-7994 or  Thank you!


February 10, 2016

Recent Graffiti Reported, Being Removed And (Hopefully) Prevented

Kirby Lindsay Laney

Over the last month, has received reports about a neighborhood-wide up-tick in graffiti – and the capture of two culprits on camera.  Don Golgert, of Fremont Laser & Design, reported footage had been delivered to the Seattle Police Department.  Such footage can greatly increase the chance of arrests in this case, convictions on graffiti crimes and, potentially, a decrease in further property damage.

In the case Golgert reported on, the criminals painted and etched the word ‘durf’ on surfaces and windows of area buildings and other property.  Each incident will cost time and money for repairs, increasing costs for area businesses and renters.

The Seattle Police and Seattle Public Utilities have recommendations we all could take to help cut down on graffiti, and increase chances that those who commit these crimes can be prosecuted – and, hopefully, deterred from committing such damage in the future.

According to the City, ‘graffiti is any marking placed on public or private property without the owner’s permission.  Stickers are also illegal.’  It is vandalism without permission, and is often created to be seen by others.  That means that the best response is to immediately document the graffiti, report it and then clean it up thoroughly.  Immediate and thorough response has proven to be very discouraging to the vandals, who will move on to place their message on surfaces where it will be left to be seen.

When you encounter graffiti, please:

  • Document – Security video footage and still photos help the police.  By capturing each incident of graffiti, it makes it easier for the police to create a record for prosecutors to show a judge.
  • Report – If you see an act of graffiti or vandalism in progress, call 9-1-1.  Community Police Officers discourage contact or confrontation directly, but photos, video and gathering accurate details on what the offender looks like and which way they travel, will help.
    To report graffiti on your own property, use the Police on-line reporting system (it requires photos be downloaded to document the offense,) or call the SPD non-emergency number at 206/625-5011.
    To report graffiti on someone else’s property, or public property, call the City Hotline at 206/684-7587 or use the on-line report form.
  • Removal – Graffiti on your property, under the graffiti nuisance ordinance, requires you to remove it (or have it removed) in a timely manner.
  • Prevention – In addition to immediate removal, creating barriers on otherwise bare walls (such as vegetation or deliberate art murals) discourage vandals.  Using materials – like dark paint, clear-coat protectorates, protective film coverings over window glass, etc. – can make surfaces harder to graffiti.  Well-lit areas, including areas lit by motion-sensitive lights, also discourage would-be vandals.

Graffiti sends a message to visitors, customers, and potential residents, that we don’t care about our neighborhood.  Studies have shown that areas where graffiti and vandalism do not get addressed tend to have higher crime rates, and higher vacancy rates.

Please help defeat graffiti, and help collect evidence that will help the Seattle Police capture and convict criminals that commit these property crimes.


Listen To Seattle’s Harp Pixie (And Friends) Play Love Songs This Valentine’s Day

Kirby Lindsay Laney
Molly Bauckham, Seattle's Harp Pixie, will play bittersweet love songs at Dusty Strings Valentine's Day 2016.  Photo provided by Dusty Strings

Molly Bauckham, Seattle’s Harp Pixie, will play bittersweet love songs at Dusty Strings Valentine’s Day 2016. Photo provided by Dusty Strings

Whether paired or solo, step inside Dusty String’s Red Room this coming Sunday, February 14th, from 3:30p – 5p, for a free concert of bittersweet love songs on Valentine’s Day afternoon.  Molly Bauckham, Seattle’s Harp Pixie, and friends, will play for members of the lonely hearts club as well as those lovers of live music who bring along their beloved.

Accompanied by Geoff Lloyd on guitar, Bauckham will play songs both traditional and contemporary including ‘Boots of Spanish Leather,’ Pink Martini’s ‘Sympatique’, and David Bowie’s ‘As The World Falls Down.’  No reservations or tickets are necessary for this gift of music.  If you have questions, contact Dusty Strings at 206/634-1662,, or simply step down into the store!


February 9, 2016

A Valentine’s Evening Of Dinner, Drinks & Music At The Backdoor

Kirby Lindsay Laney

On Sunday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day, The Backdoor will host the 4th Annual ‘Taste The Music’, inspired by the Parisian culture of love.  Enjoy a five-course French meal, complete with drink pairings, while listening to the music stylings of the premier musician and vocalist Eric Fridrich.


Tickets, which cover dinner, drinks and the entertainment (and cannot cover tax or a 20% gratuity,) can be purchased at Brown Paper Tickets.  General seating will be $150 per couple, and this event does sell out so purchase now.  Make Valentine’s Day 2016 a night to remember for you and your Valentine.  Viens jouer dohors! (In French, ‘come out and play!)


February 8, 2016

Mobile Food Rodeo Returns For The Day Of Love

Kirby Lindsay Laney
Come spend the day of love at the Mobile Food Rodeo Round-Up at the Fremont Sunday Market.  Photo by MonyB, Jan '16, provided by FSM

Come spend the day of love at the Mobile Food Rodeo Round-Up at the Fremont Sunday Market. Photo by MonyB, Jan ’16, provided by FSM

On Sunday, February 14th (Valentine’s Day) the Mobile Food Rodeo returns to the Fremont Sunday Market, for food lovers (and all the hungry) to feast upon, and enjoy!

From 10a – 4p, stroll down to the Sunday Market and in-between shopping the incredible selection of 100+ vending stalls, grab a bite or two from a delicious selection of food trucks:

Don’t just loosen the belt – buy a new one, along with hand-made candles, vintage clothing, gorgeous flowers, and that oh-so-perfect new product.  The Fremont Sunday Market always offers an awesome array of goods for sale, but once each month this year expect to see a Round-Up of the area’s best food trucks serving up the best of their menus.

Find out more about the Mobile Food Rodeo Round-Up (and the additions to the list of food trucks) on the Fremont Sunday Market Facebook page – and make plans for a brunch to satisfy every palate, rain or shine.


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