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May 29, 2012

The June Fremont First Friday Art Walk, Now With More Masson

Kirby Lindsay Laney

A photo by Melanie Masson, one of the 'Passages' show at 509 Wines in June

Melanie Masson returns to the Fremont First Friday (FFF) Art Walk on June 1st, from 6p – 9p, this time showing her striking photography at the 509 Wines Tasting Room.  The return of the former FFF organizer as an artist is only one of the incredibly fabulous happenings at the first summertime Art Walk.

For June, current FFF organizer Mollie Bryan offers two new venues -

  • Recycled Cycles, now located in Fremont, has the paintings of Jim Phalen.  Phalen describes his works as “a physical manifestation of the act of seeing – a manifestation capable of deep emotion.”
  • At Fremont Spine & Wellness, view the life-size figurative sculptures of Laurie Fronek, made from metal wire and found objects.

Painting by Ellen Hastings, on-display in June 2012 at Pel'Meni Dumpling Tzar

This month experience live art made in the shadow of the Lenin statue, at Red Triangle, as Dave Ryan and Angie Whitney create right on the sidewalks.  In addition, Balloon Biker Jami Krause will entertain with balloon sculptures for the kids (and kids-at-heart.)  Consider a comparison visit – stop by at the start and at the end of your Art Walk stroll.

In special acknowledgement of Fremont Month, which is also called ‘June,’ Frame-Up Studios has assembled a special Fremont Fair poster retrospective.  The shop will also have posters for sale (framed and unframed) to benefit Solid Ground.

Of course, as always, visit the many eclectic Fremont Art Walk venues to see the new shows including -

  • At High Dive, enjoy drink specials while experiencing the paintings of Ryan Doran – works that fuse the grittiness of the street with a traditional graffiti stencil style.
  • Portage Bay Goods has pieces by illustrator and collagist Kate Endle, who has works published in a variety of children’s books, greeting cards, stickers and in murals.

A piece, entitled 'Collecting People,' by Laurie Fronek on display in June 2012 at Fremont Spine & Wellness

  • At Pel’Meni Dumpling Tzar, artist Ellen Hastings will show her bold and colorful tree-inspired collages.  As an FFF bonus, say the phrase ‘Make Art, Not War,’ when ordering dumplings and get $1 off.
  • Fremont’s bicyclist clothing boutique, Hub And Bespoke, will be showing the newest encaustic pieces of Emily Alice Peck.

Yet, don’t miss the triumphant return of the landscape photography of Melanie Masson at 509 Wines.  The show, themed ‘Passages,’ shows the American landscape, and how every glacier, wheel, and footfall that carve the lines shown bear a purpose, the sheer repetition branding a deeper promise of worth into the soil.  Stop by to experience her photos, and welcome her back to Fremont as one of our many celebrated artists.

Don’t forget to check out the art also on display at the Brown Paper Tickets offices (above LTD Bar + Grill,) Fremont Jewelry Design, evo Timesinfinity Art Gallery, and Art F/X Gallery.

Check the Fremont First Friday Art Walk website before you go for the latest in what to see and do.  Where ever you go, and whatever you see, enjoy an art stroll through Fremont on the first Friday in June!

Aurora Bridge To Be Closed Night of May 29th

Kirby Lindsay Laney

The George Washington Memorial Bridge, seen here in May 2011, will be lifted 3/4 of an inch on May 29, 2012 as part of a WSDOT seismic retrofit. Photo by K. Lindsay

The Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has distributed information on a closure of both lanes of traffic across the George Washington Memorial (a.k.a. Aurora) Bridge on May 29th.

Crews plan to close southbound lanes at 10p, with northbound lanes to close at 11:59p, tonight.  Both lanes are scheduled to reopen at 5a on Wednesday, May 30th.

Northbound drivers will be detoured off the Aurora Bridge (also SR99) at Denny Way onto Dexter Avenue and/or I-5.  Southbound drivers will be detoured off at North 39th Street, onto Fremont Avenue.  Residents near the bridge, particularly on the north face of Queen Anne, may experience some noise work between midnight and 5a.  Free earplugs are available by contacting Jamie Holter at 206/440-4698 or

During The Fremont Tour, in mid-May 2012, with the Ride The Duck Captains, seismic work continued under the Aurora Bridge. Photo by K. Lindsay

This closure will signal a milestone, and another step in $5.7 million seismic retrofit of the Bridge, as crews will lift the 80-year-old structure ¾ of an inch to install new one-ton bearings.  These bearings are to allow the bridge to gently sway during earthquake activity.

Since April 2011, crews have worked under the bridge reinforcing the steel and concrete, including adding steel to the skeleton, thickening concrete girders and covering existing columns with fiber designed for shaking.  The final phase of this project includes these new bearings and installation of a new expansion joint.  The purpose of the seismic retrofit program is to minimize and avoid catastrophic bridge failures by strengthening bridges and structures.

Work under the north end of the bridge, near the Fremont Troll, is nearly complete.  Work under the south end is on schedule to be done by August.  Work on the bridge deck itself takes place this week and again in late June and July as crews replace the bearings, lower the bridge into place and then replace the thick metal expansion joint that runs across all six lanes of traffic.  The project is scheduled to be complete by October 2012.

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