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May 10, 2017

Two Shows Remain For Moonshine Revival Tent, This Weekend & Next

Kirby Lindsay Laney
Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch the Moonshine Revival Tent while it remains in Fremont!

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch the Moonshine Revival Tent while it remains in Fremont!

Over the next two Sundays, May 14th & 21st, audiences have two remaining opportunities to experience the Moonshine Revival Tent and musical storytelling of the newly created ‘Carny Girl’ and ‘The Trial Of Pastor Goodson’.  At 7p at West of Lenin, this original choral theater piece will delight, and possibly disturb, those willing to step inside.

This combination of lush singing, of new music composed by Sari Breznau and Eric Padget, and storytelling by Bret Fetzer, only comes to the stage once or twice a year.  This time ‘round, they will share the all-new tale of Kansas girl Betsy, who ran away from home to join a traveling carnival.  As assistant to the sideshow barker, dressed in sequined tights, the sight of ‘Carny Girl’ entices the Alligator Man, who isn’t much of a gentleman.  Betsy may need the help of her friends, the Tattoo’d Lady and the Anatomical Wonder, to escape his scaly clutches.

This original American Fairy Tale expands the already broad collection written by Fetzer, who has been sharing fairy tales, original and classic, with audiences since 1980.  Combined with the roots/folk sound of its vocals, Moonshine Revival Tent creates an Appalachian/Dust Bowl atmosphere for the stories of ‘Carny Girl,’ and the second feature, ‘The Trial of Pastor Goodson’.

A ticket to one of these last two chances to see The Moonshine Revival Tent at West of Lenin costs only $15, general, $8 for students/seniors.  Purchase tickets through the West of Lenin website.


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