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May 13, 2017

Tales Of The Alchemysts Brings Isaac Bashevis Singer To West Of Lenin

Kirby Lindsay Laney
Check out this staged reading, by Tales Of The Alchemysts, on Sunday, May 21st.

Check out this staged reading, by Tales Of The Alchemysts, on Sunday, May 21st.

On Sunday, May 21st, at 2p, a recently formed theater company, Tales Of The Alchemysts, will bring three stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer to the West of Lenin stage.  With ‘Lost and Found in Love: Family, Sex, and the Supernatural’ audiences have an opportunity to experience fascinating journeys, told in staged readings, crafted by a master storyteller and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature.

With live music accompaniment, Tales Of The Alchemysts will bring ‘The Pocket Remembered,’ ‘Grandfather and Grandson,’ and ‘One Night In Brazil’ to fill our imaginations.  Politics, Jewish society, sex, religion, and dybbuks have their places amongst these three tales.  From 18th century Eastern Europe through the 1905 revolution in Russia to a post WWII backyard jungle, find yourself immersed in other worlds through staged readings of three great works.

Tickets cost only $15 per person, and can be purchased (while they last) through the West of Lenin website.  Tales Of The Alchemysts Theatre seeks to bring provocative and entertaining Jewish literature, combined with live music, to audiences with an interest in good storytelling.  Come enjoy this rare afternoon of exciting performances of Isaac Bashevis Singer, with the Tales Of The Alchemysts.


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