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January 5, 2018

Results Announced For Fremont’s Best of 2017

Kirby Lindsay Laney

Readers of have rendered their ballots, and given us their choices for the Best of Fremont 2017.  Thank you!

Every year, Fremocentrist readers are encouraged to give their choices for Best Business, Best Citizen and Best Organization/Project.  Voting runs from mid-November to December 31st, and the votes for 2017 have been tabulated and the results are in!

Thank you to everyone who voted!  It’s wonderful to see how many worthy candidates were identified – and the enthusiasm shown for acknowledgement.  After the statuettes are engraved by Scott’s Trophys, expect to see photos of the winners – if they can be reached – when they are given their certificates and a trophy to hold for the coming year!

We hope to get even more voters, and more candidates, in November.  Please think about it through the year, and send your choices to after Nov 15th.


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