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February 26, 2018

Help Choose Park & Street Improvement Projects To Be Funded

Kirby Lindsay Laney
On March 6th, take part in deciding where funding should go for park & street improvements.

On March 6th, take part in deciding where funding should go for park & street improvements.

On Tuesday, March 6th, from 5:30p – 7:30p, at the Fremont Branch Library, the ‘Your Voice, Your Choice’ team will host a public meeting to allow us to choose which street and park projects will be funded in our district.

This is the Project Development phase of the ‘Your Voice, Your Choice: Parks & Streets’ process.  YVYC encourages public involvement in the funding decision, and allows us to choose which projects most need attention.  During the Idea Collection phase, over 1,000 project ideas were submitted, and this is when anyone, and everyone, can help select and prioritize the 8 – 10 ideas that may be chosen for funding.

This meeting is for choosing projects for funding in Seattle District #6 – for Fremont, Greenwood, Ballard & Crown Hill.  People may choose to attend, and make decisions, for District #6 projects if they work, live, play or identify with this area.  In June, all Seattleites will vote on the projects they want in their district – again, self-identifying which District they belong to.

For 2018, the City has allocated $3 million for park and street improvements to be chosen under the ‘Your Voice, Your Choice’ initiative.  This money will be divided among the seven city districts, and spent on public park & street projects chosen by the public.  Please attend this meeting, or one of the others (to see the list, click here,) to make sure the projects reflect the needs and values of our communities.

Thank you!


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