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November 22, 2017

Scam Alert – Be Careful Of Calls Demanding Money For Sheriff

Kirby Lindsay Laney
Current phone scam going on, demanding gift cards as payment for a fictional citation.

Current phone scam going on, demanding gift cards as payment for a fictional citation. Photo provided by

A member of the North Seattle Precinct Advisory Council sent out a report about a current phone scam.

A victim was contacted by someone identifying themselves as ‘Deputy Walker’ from the King County Sheriff Department and very convincingly insisted that the victim missed a jury summons from a specific date.  The caller explained that a warrant for arrest would be issued and jail time demanded unless the citation for $1,478 was paid in cash.  The caller then demanded the citation be paid with gift cards purchased at a local 7-Eleven.

The victim was tracked by cell phone, and guided through the payment process.  The scam became discovered when the victim went to King County Courthouse and spoke to an authentic officer – and advised filing a police report.

Do not believe callers, or pay citations by gift cards – or cash.  Citations would be issued with official paperwork, before payment came due through an official process.  Most importantly, if unsure, directly contact the Seattle Police Department or King County Sheriff to ask for guidance and advice.  If you are contacted, please note the caller’s phone number then hang-up and contact official law enforcement personnel.  Thank you!


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