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July 30, 2011

Well-Child Visit Special On at Bastyr

Kirby Lindsay Laney

Keep your child healthy, for all activities! Photo by K. Lindsay, 2010

The Bastyr Center for Natural Health, at 3670 Stone Way N, will conduct Well-Child Visits, on children ages 11 and younger, through the end of August for a flat rate of $20!  These exams involve a physical check-up, to catch any problems early, and allow the kids, and parents, a chance to learn about healthy choices on proper nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction that can be made as the child grows.

Well-child visits at Bastyr Center last longer (45 minutes to an hour) than many pediatrician visits, and cover much of the same matters – growth parameters, safety issues, vision and hearing assessment.  With more time for an in–depth discussion, a Bastyr Naturopathic Physician can also devote time to preventive strategies to keep the child healthy through natural means, taking into account mental and emotional factors, and ultimately creating a more holistic approach.

A well-child visit makes a child better able to enjoy opportunities that may arise. Photo by K. Lindsay, 2008

Well-child exams are best conducted when your child is not ill.  Getting a baseline check-up when a child is healthy better allows for diagnosis when they come in ill at a later date.  Well-child visits are held at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, on Stone Way, and will be available through the end of August.  For $20 per child, ages 11 and younger, each child will also receive a free bottle of pediatric vitamins at the end of the visit.

Bastyr also offers senior visits for a flat rate fee of $15, so consider a visit whatever your age!  For more info on Bastyr Center for Natural Health clinic go to their website, or call 206-834-4100 to schedule an appointment.

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