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September 1, 2017

SBA Asks Small Business Owners For Stories On SBA Rules & Regs

Kirby Lindsay Laney

Now, through October 16th, the Small Business Association (SBA) wants comments from small businesses on ways unnecessary or ineffective SBA rules and regulations have impacted the growth and vibrancy of their emerging companies.  On the SBA website, they want your stories.

The SBA wants comments on ways small business growth is being stifled by their regulations, in order to find ways they can streamline and improve services.  “As I travel the country meeting with small business owners, I hear over and over again about the volume of regulations they must comply with and how difficult it is to manage the burden,” said SBA Administrator Linda McMahon.  “So I’ve appointed a taskforce here at SBA to help identify SBA regulations that need to be changed or eliminated.  Your feedback will help SBA do its part to identify which SBA regulations may be impeding small business economic growth, innovation and job creation.”

Please share your stories and experiences, and help spread the word and aid in creating a stronger, more responsive SBA.  Visit the SBA website for more information, and to post your input.


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