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May 21, 2012

‘We The People Power’ Festival Weekly Work Parties Announced

Kirby Lindsay Laney

The ‘We The People Power’ Festival, on June 16th at Gas Works Park from 1p – 7p, will harness and celebrate the power of community.  A series of fun-filled work parties, preparing the games, art and projects to be shared at the festival, will give everyone a chance to enjoy people-power in advance.  Every Thursday, leading up to June 16th, at the Fremont Abbey Arts Center, downstairs, organizers will gather to build the festival, with orientations taking place at 6:15p for those curious to know more.

The schedule of upcoming work parties is:

  • May 24th, from 5p – 8p
  • May 31st, from 6p – 9p
  • June 7th, from 6p – 9p
  • June 14th, from 6p-9p

Each Thursday, stop by anytime to help hone ideas, and make neat stuff.  Together, the community can create a just and beautiful world.

No need to bring anything, as all materials will be provided, but these items are being requested:

  • bottle caps (for game tokens)
  • gallon milk jugs with caps (weights for canopies)
  • large cardboard boxes (for Cardboard Village activity)
  • (loan of) canopies
  • card stock (for posters, calendars, and a make & take origami box activity)

To find out more about the ‘We The People Power’ festival, visit the Facebook website – or stop by a work party at the Fremont Abbey and ask!

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