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April 25, 2017

Rebranding/Refreshing Your Message With Advisions & The Fremont Chamber

Kirby Lindsay Laney
For April, the Fremont Chamber had Steven Ruttner talking about marketing and branding for small businesses.  Photo by K. Lindsay Laney, Apr '17

For April, the Fremont Chamber had Steven Ruttner talking about marketing and branding for small businesses. Photo by K. Lindsay Laney, Apr ’17

Last Wednesday, April 19th, the Fremont Chamber of Commerce hosted its monthly membership meeting at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health, with informative speaker Steven Ruttner talking about professional facelifts.

Ruttner represents Advisions, a local small business focused on helping businesses (and non-profits) look visibly more professional.  Ruttner has recently been helping revitalize the Green Lake Chamber of Commerce, and he spoke about the wasted opportunity most small businesses overlook – marketing.

With his experience in marketing and promotion, Ruttner spoke on the importance of iconography; using imagery to subconsciously reach your clients, customers and supporters.  Creating a business identity is a critical first step to customer engagement, Ruttner advised.  He identified applications, such as brochures, business cards, websites and social media where iconography can be applied – an easily identifiable logo or image can spread your message faster than 1,000 words of text.  “Engagement is so critically important,” he said, as a clear image or logo sparks awareness and buy-in to your business.

When asked when, and how often, businesses and non-profits should look at refreshing their image, Ruttner acknowledged that it isn’t cut-and-dried.  Feeling a need to change often means the image isn’t working.  He advised that simplicity is key, and to stay away from using only text to convey your meaning.

Advisions can help with logo design, signage, print materials and pricing for your business.  He’s also partnering with a web design and social media management company that can help set up a digital presence, effective and easy.  Contact Advisions through its website at, or the Fremont Chamber.

In addition to Ruttner, Jamey Wallace, N.D., Chief Medical Officer for Bastyr Center introduced the facility, and invited everyone to take a look at the resources they offer.  Bastyr Center has family practice naturopathic doctors available for consultation, in addition to being able to do lab work, taking most major insurance, coordinating care, and providing a fully-outfitted dispensary.  The Center serves as teaching clinic for Bastyr University, so they have young practitioners available to answer questions and field patient concerns.  Bastyr Center also offers free community lectures in the same classrooms where the Chamber held its meeting.

If you have any other questions about the April Chamber meeting, contact the Fremont Chamber at, or contact Executive Director Trisha Rarey at or 206/632-1500.


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