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April 29, 2017

B.F. Day Alumni Sought! Help Spread The Word!!

Kirby Lindsay Laney

Looking for B.F. Day Alumni, to honor them at the Carnival celebrating 125 years of Fremont’s public elementary school.

Did you attend B.F. Day Public Elementary School in its 125-years of operation?  Do you know someone who attended B.F. Day?  Alumni are being sought, now, and you could help greatly just by spreading the word!

B.F. Day Elementary is the longest continuously operating Seattle Public School, and our brick-and-wood structure has seen generations of educators, students, and staff pass through its doors.  Celebrating the 125th birthday of the school, the organizers of the upcoming free, community Carnival on May 20th, want to honor the men and women who made our school the very best!

Please consider attending the Carnival, and spreading the word to anyone who may have attended our school.  Alumni can join the Facebook event page, add their class information, tag former classmates, upload old photos from the school, and share a story or two.  We want to honor our school’s rich history, and everyone who has been a part of building this incredible educational community.

For more information, contact the B.F. Day Elementary School office at 206/ 252-6010.


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