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May 16, 2017

Carnival: Come Celebrate The 125th Anniversary Of B.F. Day School!!

Kirby Lindsay Laney
Join the community celebration!

Join the community celebration!

On Saturday, May 20th, from Noon – 5p, attend a community Carnival! as we all celebrate an incredible milestone – the 125th Anniversary of B.F. Day Elementary School.  Our public school is the longest continually operating in the Seattle Public Schools, and it is one of our oldest institutions.  More importantly, perhaps, B.F. Day has educated our youth now for 125 years.  A great reason to celebrate!

Dozens of volunteers have organized a free Carnival at B.F. Day, with music, art, games, tours and history.  Kids can win prizes, get their faces painted, and play.  Alumnae can share their stories, and see the changes time (and care) have wrought on their school, plus meeting other alumnae and former staff.  Community members can tour the school, including the attic, play games and help mark this incredible milestone for our city, our neighborhood, and our school community!

In addition, community members can participate in this celebration in two other ways.

  • From 9a – Noon, join a community clean-up organized by neighborhood volunteers particularly the residents of Patrick Place Apartments.  The Clean-Up will start at the Apartments, at 4251 Aurora Ave N, with teams or individuals sent off with bags and grabbers, as they desire.  Of course, volunteers can choose any part of Fremont and Wallingford to clean, and bring their bundles of street trash back to Patrick Place for a contest, snacks, music and acknowledgements.
Help clean-up our neighborhood for summer!

Help clean-up our neighborhood for summer!

  • From Noon – 5p, the Fremont Arts Council will open an accessory space of B.F. Day School for tours and exploration.  The Powerhouse (formerly the school’s boiler room) will be open as part of the 125th Anniversary Carnival, and for showing off plans for the upcoming Fremont Solstice Parade.  Come see what art is in the making, and consider signing up to lend a hand – or be inspired to contribute your own moving art installation to this incredible display of Performance Art.

Our public school has been a stalwart institution in our community since Benjamin Franklin & Frances Day decided to gift the land to the city for education of our community’s youth.  For over 125 years, we’ve been gifted with a solid, dependable place where any child of any race, creed, gender, income and background can receive a quality education.  This achievement is worth celebrating!

Join our community Carnival!  Find more information about the party, and how you can play, on the B.F. Day P.T.S.A. Carnival Facebook Page!

See you there!!


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