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September 12, 2011

Drinks Designed by Local, Award-Winning Bartenders at The Backdoor

Kirby Lindsay Laney

The interior of the Backdoor @ Roxy's in May 2011, Fremont's newest speakeasy Photo by K. Lindsay

The Backdoor @ Roxy’s has already become known as a 21+ lounge that makes going out for drinks and/or dinner an attractive option again for adult Fremonsters.  It particularly appeal to those tired of rubbing elbows with the 20-something, hot spot crowd.

Yet, have you checked out their offerings of ‘Local Contemporary Cocktails’?  In addition to serving scrumptious selections for supper or snack, and ‘Classic Cocktails’ that reintroduce hard beverage favorites from the early 1900s (and before,) The Backdoor also serves outstanding drinks designed by some of the best bartenders in Seattle.

Follow the sign to the Backdoor @ Roxy's - a little difficult to find but worth the effort! Photo by K. Lindsay

The list includes the Hot Charlotte by Murray Stenson (Hendricks gin, St. Germain, lemon juice, Tabasco and muddled cucumber) and the San Miguel by Michael Cadden (Gin, St. Germain, lemon and rhubarb bitters.) The list not only credits the bartender that originally designed it, but also the local bar where they first served the concoction.

So, stop by the Backdoor, snack on shoestring onions or Reuben pie – and peruse the selection of creative concoctions by Aleko Lilly (Barrio, Capitol Hill,) Perryn Wright (La Carta de Oaxaca, Ballard,) and The Backdoor’s own Jayson Cottam.  Even for non-drinkers, The Backdoor’s adult atmosphere and splendid, speakeasy décor still deserves a look-see visit.

See you there!

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