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July 18, 2012

Lost Dog FOUND! With Thanks To All!

Kirby Lindsay Laney

Puzzle, home safe and sound! Photo by Family Of Puzzle, 17 Jul 2012

The family of Puzzle, a dog lost at Gas Works Park last week, sent notice that she has returned, safe and sound.  They also shared their thanks to those who helped in the search.  “It does seem like everyone in the area has been looking out for her,” reported Puzzle’s mom on Tuesday, July 17th.

Of course, Puzzle wasn’t found – she came walking in the door to her house, roughly 1.5 miles from where she was lost.  Her mom had been leaving the back door open, and sleeping on the couch, and about 100 hours after disappearing, Puzzle walked in on her own power – a little dirty but otherwise okay.

Thank you to everyone who kept an eye out for Puzzle – and to anyone that may have helped her during her accidental adventure!

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